Gelber calls for public corruption prosecution team

Sep 10, 2010

Lee Logan

St. Petersburg Times

TALLAHASSEE — Pointing to the dozens of indictments of public
officials, Democratic attorney general candidate Dan Gelber on Friday
called for a new unit dedicated to investigating public corruption in
state government.

"Floridians are really tired of the overwhelming
influence of special interests, the overwhelming influence of money,"
said Gelber of Miami Beach. "They read about backroom deals that stink
to high heaven, and they wonder why nothing ever happens to them."

said the unit would consist of a mix of Justice Department lawyers as
well as a few attorneys from the state Attorney General's Office. Gelber
has written U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder about the proposal, but
has not yet received a response.

Several high-profile cases — such
as a fancy new courthouse and the indictment of Ray Sansom — were
sparked by newspaper reports. Gelber did not discuss other potential
cases, but said the team "would have plenty of work to do. And it would
result in a change in the behavior of state government."

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