Reactions to Crist's special session

Jul 8, 2010

Michael Bender

Palm Beach Post

U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate:

“What took the Governor so long? On the 80th day of the Gulf oil spill, Governor Crist finally got around to calling a special session to block drilling off Florida beaches. It shouldn’t have come to this. Where was he before the spill? I’ve fought my entire life against Big Oil and against drilling off our beaches — even when it was unpopular to do so. We need leaders who aren’t afraid to tackle tough issues,
not politicians who wait to act until it’s politically expedient.”

CFO Alex Sink, Democratic candidate for governor:

“I commend the Governor for agreeing to call for a special session to ban near beach oil drilling, despite the resistance from special interests and some members of the Legislature,” said CFO Sink. “In addition to banning near beach drilling, the special session should also tackle the urgent needs for our business owners and state, including much-needed small business relief, a more streamlined claims process, and the creation of an environmental endowment for additional research.”

State Sen. Dan Gelber, a Democratic candidate for attorney general:

“Since May 5th I have been asking the Governor to call a Special Session to address a near-shore drilling ban. I am heartened by Governor Crist’s apparent decision to do precisely that. I would hope, however, that in addition we would address the immediate needs of our citizens who are already feeling pain and anxiety from the spill.

I would hope we would revise statutes to maximize recovery for victims; give Attorney General environmental crimes authority; create compensation commissioner to facilitate recovery; provide Small Business Relief. I know it’s not easy navigating this crisis in the vortex of an election cycle. But that’s a challenge not an excuse. We need action and a Special Session is where we should be.”

Albert Martinez, Republican consultant:

Poll comes out this AM showing Crist’s approval rating dropping 7 pts in past month, and Crist suddenly calls special session. Coincidence?

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