Bring Us Your Renters, Borrowers, and Unemployed

Feb 17, 2010

Whitney Ray

Capitol News Service

Consumer advocates and Democratic lawmakers are filing several pieces of legislation that would protect renters, borrowers and the unemployed.

State Senator Dan Gelber and Representative Ronald Brise announced the legislative plans today at the state Capitol. The plans would give renters whose landlords were being foreclosed upon more time to find a new place. They would also expand unemployment benefits to more Floridians. Gelber says the economy is creating more opportunities for predators to take advantage of the suffering.

“This is a moment when there are people who are exploiting and preying on everyday Floridians, and if you don’t step up your efforts to protect them and become even more vigilant then you are doing them a disservice,” said Gelber.

One piece of legislation announced today would provided stricter penalties to debt collects who harass and lie to borrowers.

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