The Miami Herald recommends Dan Gelber

Oct 11, 2008

The Miami Herald

State Rep. Dan Gelber of Miami Beach has been a formidable political force in the Florida House of Representatives for eight years and an energetic and astute minority leader for Democrats in the last two sessions. Term-limited in the lower chamber, he is seeking to move up to the Senate. He gets our recommendation on the basis of his leadership, statesmanship, legislative skills and considerable expertise on policy.

Mr. Gelber, 47, is running for a seat that covers part of northeastern Miami-Dade County and a portion of Broward. His opponent, Republican Dean Santoro, 41, is an information-technology consultant making his first run for public office.

Mr. Santoro's limited-government approach to public policy extends to the realm of marriage. He disagrees with the right of the state to perform marriages because ``marriage is a religious sacrament and should be performed strictly within the confines of religion.'

The candidates differ on a variety of issues. Mr. Gelber opposes an expansion of gambling; Mr. Santoro favors it. Mr. Santoro supports coastal drilling beyond a 25-mile limit; Mr. Gelber wants to keep the broader, existing moratorium.

Mr. Santoro emphasizes a need to cut local and state government spending; Mr. Gelber emphasizes the harm done by cutting spending for education, children's services and other vital needs.

Mr. Gelber believes that Florida is being transformed from a mid-wage, low-cost state to a low-wage, high-cost state, a path that could imperil the state's future and the well-being of its residents.

Throughout his legislative career, Mr. Gelber has been an able and effective advocate for education, healthcare, public safety, environmental concerns and other issues.

For Florida Senate District 35, The Miami Herald recommends DAN GELBER.

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