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We fell short.

Nov 5, 2014

By Dan

But it's pretty clear Democrats in Florida are star-crossed. Politically, we are two states. We win regularly in presidential years and lose miserably in off-year elections. It's almost like a cruel game - win and then lose. Win and then lose.

Dad turns 95!

Sep 28, 2014

By Dan

I am proud of him because he was a devoted husband, a great dad, and sweet grandfather. In his public life, he always looked out for the little guy and was never afraid to pick a fight with a more powerful adversary over a principle in which he believed.


Aug 27, 2014

By Dan

The lesson of this primary is that Rick Scott has a formidable task. He has to persuade people to disregard their existing impressions of Charlie, while at the same time convincing them to set aside their dim impressions of him. It's not easy as last night's returns proved. When it's time to vote, people tend to trust their guts. They trust what they know.

Just ask Reagan the rescue dog if you can trust Rick Scott's election eve promises.

Aug 21, 2014

By Dan

Just ask the labrador retriever, Reagan, if you can trust Rick Scott's election eve promises. Remember, the dog Scott "rescued" right before his last election? Scott adopted him, and even had an online naming contest to make sure animal lovers who voted knew Rick Scott loves puppies.
After election, the dog disappeared. It took the media two years to get Scott to admit he secretly "turned" the dog back in just weeks after he was elected
If Reagan is alive, I'm pretty sure he has a dim view of Rick Scott's election eve promises.

In support of Rick Perry (sort of)

Aug 18, 2014

By Dan

Neither statute supports the indictment on the facts as known. Perry did nothing evincing a criminal intent or corrupt motive. There was no personal benefit he received and no conversion of public property for private enrichment. Nor did Perry threaten to do something the law forbids.

Breaking News: Charlie Crist might put Ketchup on his hot dogs!

Aug 8, 2014

By Dan

With his re-election just around the corner, Rick Scott has spent upwards of $30 million to recast himself with the public. For 3 years he has been anti-environment, anti-school, anti-woman, anti-voting rights, anti-health care, anti-minimum wage, anti-Hispanic, anti-African American and anti-gay.
Not many people left in the room at this point.


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