Bron, don't go. But if you go, thanks!

Jul 10, 2014

I will always cherish watching your games with my Dad who is 95 this year and was the player-coach of the Army Air Corp All-Guadalcanal team in WW II. And with my daughters and 10-year-old son, Max, who reads your quotes and has your picture over his bed. And with my wife, who gets so anxious in the fourth quarter that she usually records the game and will only watch if I tell her "it will be fine."
So thanks, but don't go.


One million Floridians.

May 3, 2014

But now that there is zero evidence that Florida is losing jobs due to the ACA and with one million Floridians signed up and enjoying its benefits, I wonder what Rick Scott is going to say?

Rick Scott lawyers up...again.

Mar 4, 2014

As a former federal prosecutor, I can appreciate Rick Scott's strategy. Most good defense lawyers advise their clients to say nothing when words can only get them in trouble. But Rick Scott is not a putative criminal defendant trying to avoid indictment; he is a governor leading a state. He needs to act like one.

Before stand your ground you were allowed to stand your ground!

Feb 27, 2014

Nowhere in Florida would a person have been prosecuted for using deadly force if retreating was dangerous. If you found yourself in such a spot, you were allowed to stand your ground and shoot, stab, strike, bite, punch, and kick — whatever it took to protect yourself or another, with absolutely no obligation to retreat.

The Gelber-Gladstone Children's Courthouse is Named

Feb 9, 2014

It's fitting that Miami-Dade's children's courthouse bears his name. He administered justice based on the simple principles he learned in his life's journey: everybody is born equal; every child deserves a chance, and some a second chance; the best way to teach is by example; and try to do right every day and history will treat you kindly.

That's just mean!

Jan 30, 2014

As a society we are judged by how we treat our least vulnerable. Our poor, our aged, and our children. It's a sorry day when in a growing economy we can find enough money to give a tax break for major corporations, but not a few bucks to ensure our most vulnerable have access to something as basic as food. This is quite a commentary on what's really important to Rick Scott.


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Legislature's redistricting handiwork destined for courts

Jan 16, 2012

After more than two years of bickering over reforms meant to curb political abuses, the Florida Senate on Tuesday plans to debate maps for congressional and legislative districts that preserve Republican majorities and, its authors say, meet legal muster with Fair Districts.

Likewise, Dan Gelber, a former legislator and general counsel for Fair Districts Now, said his membership submitted maps last week "to give the Legislature an opportunity to pass a map that complies with the criteria" of amendments 5 and 6.

But Republicans in charge of redistricting have fired back at the "cynical litigation strategy" by arguing the new maps disenfranchise black voters and that the deadline for public maps passed more than two months ago.

Bill Nelson's Survival Strategy

Jan 11, 2012

As Republicans try to link Nelson to Obama at every turn, strategists in the state in both parties concede that he has cultivated a reputation as a noncontroversial figure, distinct from national Democrats. That's another reason he can win in Florida, even if Obama can't.

"Nelson is one of the few Democrats with a statewide identity, and that really distinguishes him from everybody else, who is generally going to be tied to a national trend line," said Democrat Dan Gelber, a former state House minority leader.

Dan Gelber on exceptionalism and the old Marco Rubio

Sep 6, 2011

Dan Gelber has a Miami Herald op ed rebuttal to Marco Rubio's recent Reagan Library speech:

In a recent speech at the Reagan Library — part of which was excerpted in these pages — U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio asserts that the decision of America in this last century to collectively care for those that have fallen behind "actually weakened us as a people." While his words may have been a dog whistle for the right wing, I took a double take.

Who will take on Rick Scott? Charlie Crist? Alex Sink? Jeremy Ring? Rod Smith? Dan Gelber?

Jun 14, 2011

Forget Barack Obama. The fellow really firing up Florida Democrats is Rick Scott.

On Saturday, Democratic activists who gathered in Broward County for their annual Jefferson-Jackson fundraising gala invoked the name of Florida's unpopular, hard-right governor at least as often as Obama.

Two widely expected challengers — former gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink and South Florida state Sen. Jeremy Ring — mingled with party activists Saturday along with two other less certain prospects, state party chairman Rod Smith and former state Sen. Dan Gelber.

"When you're in a campaign spending $5 million a week on TV, you can create your truth," Gelber said. "But when you're not in campaign cycle, the truth creates itself. It's very hard to disabuse people of their first impressions and his first impression is horrible. People are seeing him for who he really is."

Gelber pining for Jeb Bush

May 31, 2011

"I miss Jeb Bush." That's [more or less] the wistful start of Democrat Dan Gelber's blog post today.

Yep; the former state senator-turned AG candidate says on his blog that he is pining for his old adversary. Sort of.

"Don't misunderstand, I fought Jeb (and, I suspect, will again). But no matter how much I opposed his policies, I always believed Jeb possessed the requisite respect for our state and its people," Gelber writes.

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