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Follow Legislative Session Through My New Twitter Page

Feb 23, 2009

By Dan

I have decided to embrace the new online communication tools and put them to use during the 60-day legislative session. I will be providing live coverage of the upcoming legislative session by micro-blogging about it using the social networking site Twitter. By utilizing one of the most recent tools in new media communication, more Floridians will be able to follow closely the state's legislative session and the major policy issues discussed in Tallahassee.

Most of you know that transparency and an open government process is very important for me. I am excited to use one of the newest tools in online communication because it will allow more Floridians to follow closely the major policy discussions in Tallahassee and offer their opinion on how their leaders should respond. Florida's facing great challenges right now, and the session will attempt to address many of them in just 60 short days. We need the public participating in this conversation.

I will also encourage my colleagues in the Florida Legislature to join with me in making this the most open legislative session by creating their own twitter accounts. An open and transparent dialogue is the only way for a democracy to address its great issues.

Please find below necessary information on how you can follow live the legislative session through my Twitter page.

To follow Dan’s live coverage go to: This micro-blog is public, and can be read by non-twitter users.

Dan will be using the "hashtag" #legfl to encourage wide participation in the discussion. To participate, all you need to do is sign up at, start talking, and include #legfl in your tweets. Others paying attention to the larger discussion can view all posts containing the #legfl hashtag by going to For simplicities sake, a redirect has been set up at

*Legislators who would like help setting up their Twitter accounts and learn the basics about Twitter should contact Josh Koster at

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