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He should have simply said "no comment."

Oct 30, 2016

Invoking the old new world order.

Oct 15, 2016

Show me your papers

Sep 27, 2016

Just saying…

Sep 21, 2016

Campaign Cash Taints Bondi's Decision

Sep 7, 2016

It's neither pay nor play.

Aug 27, 2016

The Naked Fool

Jul 20, 2016

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Thanks Dan...We need more people that are as committed to Florida as you are!

Dan - THANK YOU! You are one of the Good Guys in Tally that are actually working for our children. And the future of this state. THANK YOU!Tell us what to do..... who to start calling .... who to start pestering with facts about the budget when their kids were in school (for the old timers), etc. We take direction very well - and we've got your back!ps Have you heard that Big Brothers/Big Sisters budget is being cut nationally? It's a disgrace Francine in Tampa

" But the promises to hold education harmless have become about as reliable as Octo-mom's assurance she isn't just looking for a book or movie deal."HAHAHAHAaa... That was awesome. And true.As a public school teacher, I thank you for being so candid and open about the sad reality that is our state govt's view on public education. Sadly it hasn't been a priority for years.. and I feel we've gone in such a negative direction for so long (thanks to jerkface Jeb), that it will be hard to ever fully recover...

I am so glad you are doing these service days.I wish the press would get their head out of the a**es and start providing some coverage of these events.

What a great way to spend the day with your little ones! It looks like the seniors enjoyed the visit/delivery and your lovely children look as though they enjoyed themselves as well. It's important for our children to be reminded of others that need not only to be cared for, but also spoken or visited with ~ much to be learned from our seniors. Thanx Dan!

Dan,glad you're home and get some rest.but please tell Charlie to VETO the budget and send lawmakers back to Tally.Saw where you and Dockery voted no.Good for you

The best man does not always win. If anyone was the right person for the job it was you. Let me know what your next move will be. I will always be a supporter. There are very few bright and honest politicians around like yourself that have the best interests of the populace in mind and action.Stan Worton

Dan, I am very proud of you. We will be back on the field again. Elaine

My heart is completely broken. I know you will find a way to beok. but I an afraid for Florida and I don\'t want to livehere anymore. U just don\'t understand how people don\'t see how greatyouare. I\'m so sorry Dan. I will always remember your kindness to me. Mary

I have been trying to get the election results slowly. It is simply too depressing to learn all at one that the most qualified candidates did not win. Today, I learned of your defeat. I am really sorry. In my humble opinion, you are the best person to hold the Attorney General office in the State of Florida. The ignorance of people who voted for tea party back candidates is palpable and frightening. I am reminded of when the Taliban took over Afghanistan. I hope I am wrong. :-)

What % of the state education budget comes from the lottery? When the state lottery was approved those funds were supposed to be additional to the general funding by the state. Now they have replaced those funds and cutting the funding is not cutting the lottery "extra funding" but cutting the base.

Anybody but Rick Scott is my motto for 2014...

I have no idea if all these things you said is true. If it is, then he should go. But, I will say that rail is not needed and would not be used enough to pay for it. As I understand, even with the money coming from the government it is still our taxes. It would still cost this state more than it is worth. But, with the cities and states that are in dire trouble paying their bills are run by demo\'s. the corruption in this administration goes right down into these states. Voting corruption is heavy in must of our states. I would not vote for another democrat until one proves he will put country and its people first.

Scott should be behind bars; not in the Governor Mansion, next to.Casey.Anthony and George Zimmerman. Only in FloridaseseS

It's a shame, that only the self serving seem to want to be elected anymore. Doesn't anyone actually care about the district, state or the people that they represent?

This crook has done more to hurt this state that in2014 he should be thrown out of this State

Almost as bad as obozos incompetent admimistration, but not quite. But I don\'t think a liberal democrat is in any position to pick faults with Gov. Scott. Florida is growing and he has a balanced budget. He told obozo what to do with high speed rail (we can all see how that works in Calif), and he won\'t cave to liberals over stand your ground. Charlie Christ??? The only party he hasn\'t tried is the Communist one. Go away, retire, move to some other state. Leave us be.

You forgot his handpicked Secretary of Corrections, Buss forced out due to privatization of prisons and funding, or his successor Secretary Tucker a year later.

Dan, I agree with you completely! You hit it on the head!!!Linda Robinson

We are with you. Of course we would love to see you as his Lt. Governor, but we agree Crist is not only the best candidate for the job, he is electable. Unlike some other Dems people are talking about these days. More than ever, we need a Democrat in the Governor's Mansion. One word: VETO.Lauren

Scott is the man for only the chosen few( those with lots of money}.

A beautiful tribute by a loving son.

Congratulations ! Mazal Tov... Blessings and Salutation !

Special Message from Dan Gelber's "Little Brother"- Travis Thomas

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